Getting Started

Hi. I am not glad you are here. I mean, I am glad you are here but I also know it means you have to make a seismic shift in your food-i-vers. This space, born of an allergy mom’s need for lightheartedness amidst just such a change, is for anyone who craves a more irreverent approach to healthy-ish, clean-ish diets. It is space that is at once filled with wonderment (aka “what the eff am I supposed to do now?”), strength and, hopefully, the right amount of fun to make the journey one of amusement rather than one of deprivation.

You could be here for food allergies, arthritis, colitis, food intolerance, weight loss, a desire to feel less tired or dependent on something in particular, to cure that glorious butt-pucker (hemorrhoids) you continue to sport even though it’s been five years since you last gave birth, or just plain old curiosity. Whatever it is for you, new friend, let’s get this ish started.